Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Beautiful Rock Rose.


This week I had the great news that my book of poems ' My Beautiful Rock Rose' is for sale on Amazon.
It's a book of fifty poems and also photos of tour beautiful Welsh countryside taken by my partner Dai.
This book is in memory of my beautiful daughter Erin who so tragically passed over in April 2009 at the young age of seventeen years old.
These poems helped me through such tragic times and today my greatest wish is that they will also help others who are experiencing difficult times for one reason or another.
The title comes from a garden we planted in the memory of Erin and also my sister Val who passed over in 1999.
We planted four plants; Hebe;Forest Flame,Azelea and a Rock Rose.
The Rock Rose outgrew the others at a rapid pace and as Erin was always so happy , bubbly and would always be the star of the show wherever she went she became our Beautiful Rock Rose.


My sweet sweet baby
I'll always love you so.
You are here in my heart
Wherever I shall go.
You guide me through each day
And light my path with love.
Each day you look down
From your home up above.
My beautiful rock rose
You live on in my heart.
And sit by my side
We will never be apart.
Rest in peace my beautiful baby.



  1. Eddy, I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. How sad to lose this sweet and beautiful girl. I admire your strength to go on in this remarkable way. You bring inspiration and peace to others, who may need someone to show them the way how to accomplish that. I wish you great success with the sales of your beautiful book. I must also congratulate you to a lovely blog. Thank you!
    God bless,

    1. Oh Sannel thank you so very much for this beautiful comment.
      To go on in this way is the way I cope and always will do .Erin will never be gone as she is with me each and everyday in all that I do.
      Her memory is what inspired me to begin this journey and through my writing my world has indeed opened and I am now doing what I only dreamed of doing before.
      Thank you so much also Sannel as the unconditional support that I have had from great people like yourself.
      Thank you again,take care and God Bless.
      Enjoy your weekend.