Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Gloomy Morn !!!

A morning a little gloomy
a heart a little heavy.
A view so drab
Sounds muffled
mists seep through
Bird's songs muted
flights a little slow
Leaves lose their lustre
flowers cease to bloom
a little jaded each bloom.
I need that inspiration
will it today arrive;
life is to be lived ,
tomorrows to entice
while yesterdays left behind!!
How do I move on from this doom and gloom ?????

 The sweet nectar of life.
 Lupins and delphiuims
 Rock rose
 Poached Egg Plant

A collection in my haven

I open my heart and allow deep positive thoughts
to ignite my inner spirit
to await a few moments until my heart is full
As my spirit awakens further
the mist doth arise
the beauty
the glow
of my haven
my paradise to me.
The joy brimming over
as the blooms are dancing
The birds so happy with that radiant glow
The leaves on the trees have regained each lustre
Whenever a day
misted with a spirit low
I sit in my haven
until my heart and soul glow.

Here I sit

 Heavenly Nightstock


 Cape Daisy
 Rock rose

 blues and purples
 fragrance for our hearts
 A tiny Pansy

A sprinkling of magical colours.

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