Thursday, 13 June 2013

This crafty bug is here to stay !!!

I have been well and truly bitten by the crafty bug this past week or so and a message to as all that it is never too late to try pastures new or to walk fresh paths.
Click goes the camera
Words woven up and around
A wondrous new world.
A stirring so new
No time to stand and stagnate
This crafty bug stays.

Happy Days

Sunshine Rays.


Colours so happy

Mother Nature's charm

Such true beauty.

Childhood memories.



Hearts so true.

Red roses and true love.


Bright days ahead.

Country walks

Colours so bright.

Right on our doorstep.

A country girl at heart.

So close to my heart.

Takes me home.

Magical moments.

New talents to try
Each day a wondrous treasure
My heart beats so bright.
Now open your heart
Allow new wonders to flow
Your world a rainbow.