Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Coedmor National Nature Reserve ; A Haven Of Beauty.

Yesterday we found a wonderful haven and not so far from home;we pass it often but didn't realise just how bewitching  it was until we ventured into the heart of Mother Nature's magical Kingdom.
Share our walk , feel and immerse yourself in her enchanted beauty.

Caressing the freshness of life
Wondrous emotions
Without trouble or strife.

Cascading reflections
Delighting feelings
Relaxed self-fulfilment.

Simple treasures
Wistful wonders
Trustful connections.

Deep blue skies
Lifting heartbeats
New days approaching.

Life's wondrous lake
Beckons with magical beauty
Flowing unconditionally.

A world so wondrous
Shadows of intrigue
Whispered connections.

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