Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sat By The Shores Of My Life.

As well as from Mother Nature's countryside I have also found peace of mind strolling along the sea shores and exploring the beaches and the tides of my life.
The ebb and flow of time's tides;that salty sprayed air and the caressing of the magical healing potion which eternally thrives in the tides of our lives.

Sat By The Shores Of My Life.(Rhyme)

Sat by the shores of life
In days gone by;
Sunrise inviting
A mottled sky.
Hushed sweet wonders
My heart beat clear;
Each ripple beams
A warmth so dear.
Noon advances
My day matures;
Heart filled treasures
Have filled my years.
Each moment true
Warm memories;
Each ebb and flow
Of evening's breeze.
That golden sunset
Knowledge so clear;
Those tides through life
I hold so dear.
I Am Sailing by Rod Stewart.

Sweet Tides of Time.(Haiku)

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The sweet tides of time
Each flow oh so golden
Precious and treasured.
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Source: gimages
Source: gimages

Sweet Days(Rictameter)

Sweet Days
The ebb and flow of life
The tide of time beckons,teases
That salt filled air caressing each heartbeat.
Feet bare playing with life
So natural and clear
How I embrace
Sweet Days.

The Tide Of Time (Acrostic)

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The tide of time
Heartfelt and wondrous
Embrace your yearnings with love
Trepidation shrinking
In a magical bubble of beauty
Dare to reach out
Eternal hope and faith consume
Oh how I love,care and worship
Finding true love my heart fulfilled.
Triumph amidst true faith
I bathed in pools of hope
My path now golden and truth cascades
Each tide each heart doth heal.

Face Upturned To The Morning Sun (Freeverse)

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Face upturned
to the morning sun
Rock pools glistening
crabs enchanting
scurrying to
a haven of safety.
Each ebb and flow
of the tides of time
Eagerness surmounting
faith sublime.
The morning tide
noon's tide
slow and refined.
Eve's momentum
as maturity rings true
ebbing and flowing
for me and you.

On The Crest Of A Wave(Freeverse).

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An image
of white horses
on the crest of
stormy waves.
Rearing and bowing
excitement surmounting
wondrous and flowing;
a life lived to the full.
Ride each wave
demolish each barrier
throw caution to the wind.
Heading for home
light happy footsteps
a heart so carefree
a soul so sublime.
your ebb and flow
ride your wave's crest
live your life to the full.

Source: gimages