Saturday, 12 May 2012

My life and my writing as 'ME.'

Here I am right at the beginning of my blogging days.Oh how I am loooking forward to sharing and creating.
I love writing and it has by now become as essential as eating and drinking.
I was writing for Hubpages alone but stepped away from them somewhat a couple of weeks ago after some desicions were made that I did not agree with.
Years ago I would not have stuck my ground oh anything for a quiet life ;that was me !!!
However as I found great strength to turn my whole life around about ten years ago now ;I am far more assertive !!!
Myself!/eiddwen.jonesand Annie have created a facebook page .
I have so many projects to put into action and here we go !!!!/EddyAnnieInspire
Do not waste precious time in your journey through life;get out there and find what you really want !!!
Find your most precious dream ever;hold on tight and don't ever let go!!!

My true faith has always been in Mother Nature ;from way back to my childhood which was mostly spent exploring the beautiful countryside which surrounded my home with my best friend ;my Beagle Lassie.

 I would sit encircled happily by all of Mother Nature's Kingdom;I saw how chicks were looked after by Mother Bird.
I would see rabbits peep out from their holes from their haven and soon they ventured closer to me;Lassie had to be restrained at first but as time went by she understood what I wanted her to do and she would sit quietly by my side without yodelling in that clear voice of hers.
Looking back today I understand what a great achievement that had to be for a Beagle;instinct calling to hunt and myself telling her to sit and stay!! However Lassie was no ordinary Beagle as she understood when I would tell her my fears and troubles. Sometimes but not very often tears would trickle down my cheeks and she would lick them away and snuggle up even closer to me.
To this very day my heart still keeps me so very close to nature blessings.

 Nature's Delights for us all.

The Otters are a-playing
So happy by the stream.
Down on them just like glitter
The sun will shine it's beam.

The Buffalo is so enormous
All that muscle and brawn!
He glistens just like silver
In the awakening of our dawn

The Water Voles are so shy
They love playing peek-a-boo
If you sit quietly and listen
You may spot them too.

The Badgers are so obvious
With their coats just black and white!!
But sadly many meet their demise
By some drivers late at night!!!

The birds are so wondrous
With their calls all as one.
These sound so much brighter
Mingled with the evening sun.

The Swans are so elegant

They glide with such ease.
The Ducks float happily close by
Each other they love to tease.

The Butterflies passing by
Like a whisper on a breeze,
Their magical colours seemingly unite
Their charms will never cease.

I am now bound for home
My heart as full as can be!!
Locked in the memories of my mind
All those wonders I did see.
Oh how I have always loved Mother Nature's lessons and amazing qualities.
Here's a poem which I wrote a couple of weeks ago.