Monday, 25 June 2012

Please follow me
to my land of red roses.
Blooms bewitch my heart.
My soul sings out loud
my spirit so complete
the door to my life wide open
never will I be closed;locked and no intrusion.
My spirit also shines in magical glory
each nook and crevice, softened so freely !!
Each path
once so pitted
so crumbled,
today lie under
petals of the angels.
No more heavy hearts to follow take that hushed tones and a heart so full,innocent and true.

A sweet and unassuming strength ; life's paths a little  gentler.
Life's trees will sway
into the breeze !!
Reminds me of a rope ladder swaying to and fro; up and down.
At times a slow and gentle tempo;
at others ; strong and heartfelt.
and in an
 pure blend
in true form .
A strong and pure heart surrender not.
The storm once more fading in stillness,
tones hushed protected
The storm brings forth
a Garden of Eden,
each surrounding magical gem
colours of beauty
gently travel over a canvas so bleak
and so untouched!!
Let us travel ;
I will lead you
to your destiny
and into the Earth's beauty
 you will also tenderly and softly blend.



We Belong.

I have a dream and just because I cannot fulfil at the moment this does not mean that I never will!!

One of my mottos is 'never say never!!!'

This will be a first in a series of myself living my dream and will peel back each layer as time progresses.

This is one of the wonders in writing; with a little imagination we can be wherever we wish to be and whoever we want to be.

One fact that I have learnt as I've travelled through life is that we all belong somewhere and no-one can tell us that we won't and that we will never live our dreams.

If we believe that we can then we are half way there.

Today I have lived in my cottage 'Blossoms' for around two months and have had a lot of work to do; but I love every moment of my dream.

At the moment a dream but maybe...........................


I Belong.

Sunshine Lane leading to my cottage. ‘The Blossoms.'

A blast of sunshine

Lifts me up up and away

Mellow thoughts soften

The beautiful front garden of my haven 'Blossom'

Beautiful garden

Mother Nature's creations.

Absorb the beauty.

Sunshine yellow

So homely


Homely as sunshine

My haven fills my heart so

My spirit flies high.

Much work to be done.

A warm welcome

The child in me

I love gardening

Bare ground

Snowdrops peeping through.

My dream

Entices me

Lifts me to the heavens

A passion which rises each day.

I rejoice from the heavens and tell all.

How a dream finally flowered

A new feeling so quaint

Today I live

My dream.

Mother Nature's beauty; to me it's paradise.


Around the door

Happiness so complete

A future filled with sunshine hue

A reflection magnifies all I love

I store and my heart now so full

Reach up and touch your dream

A dream like silk


New life

Arrived today

Quivering and hungry

Denied his own mother's true love

True instincts bless him with coping method.

He did follow that leading light

And fond his own

New life.

A new day dawns.

Today I believe

That such beauty does surround

Hang on to your dream.

Fills my heart; my spirit glows.

Oh yes

So glad am I

That I fought my battles

Today all I see is beauty

I know from now on my skies will be blue

Through rocks and thorns I sometimes fell

My spirit carried on

I know I've won

Oh yes.

A little one to nurture and adore.

My new found love 'Lassie' and I so wish this little baby was mine!!!

Big brown soulful eyes

Found their way into my heart

Two souls so entwined.

A Symbol of my awakening dream.

Stand strong as you fulfil your dreams.

Our dreams are beautiful and should be nurtured and cherished; we all belong somewhere.

Just like this pure and virginal white Delphinium.

May all your dreams come true.

Have a wonderful weekend