Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Nation's Pride.

Well here we are the Olympics are here and what an opening ceremony last night !!!
We remember the honour of having the torch carried through our small town nearby not so long ago.
Needless to say away we joined others that day in great high spirits and of course  armed with a camera.
To be perfectly honest Dai had the camera and a great day was had by all.

Another memory to treasure and to be so proud of our nation ;there are so many gloomy faces around here who moan about everything; but especially at the moment on how so much money is being wasted on the Olympics !!!
This is what makes me so glad that I do not have a heart filled with bitterness and that I can also see and feel the beauty all around us .
I am truly looking forward to following as many events as I can ; and I hope you all enjoy my Rictameter poem plus the photos that Dai took.
Enjoy !!


This day
In history
The Olympics now here
A stirring so wondrously great
Our nation's pride so safe in each heart
A pride soaring to the heavens
Golden tipped emotions
I share with all
This day.

This lady is 83 years old.