Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Flowers From Each Heart !!!

As many of you know we had a brilliant day out last Sunday when we visited Llys-Y-Fran Country Park in South Wales.
Apart from the very dark clouds looming the dry weather prevailed and at times was also sunny.


Those bleak clouds banished.


Heartfelt Beauty.



After finishing off the picnic in what must have been record time we began to explore
every nook and cranny of our surroundings.
I am always the first to join in all the fun; I will always be young at heart and  I enjoy life to the full.
Up hills,down dales:up steps,down steps !!!
We then arrived in what I can only describe as Paradise !!!
My heart was pounding : Oh what fun !!!
I am always young at heart and again I hope my story helps others!! I felt older in my 20s than I do today!!
 Reach out for that dream and hang on tight !!!

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Through thick and thin and you will also be blessed with adventures,beauty and magical moments !!!
A little further on we walked into  what I can only describe as  almost magical ,intriguing and mysterious ;a wondrous haven full of beautiful,wonderful ,delightful and precious flowers.
Mother Nature's gifts for us all to enjoy!!!
Myself and Dai hadn't a clue as to what these flowers were called; so we asked Ellie and Charlie to name them all.


Purple Rocket.


Pink Sun


Pink Bells.

Honey Flowers

White Clouds

Sunny Rose.





Purple Hedgehog


Spiky Daisies.


Gentle Touch




Sing a sweet song
At the birth of each bloom
Silent and soft notes for us all
Each heart rejoices for Mother Nature
Her blessings so safe in my heart
Golden thoughts bring me back
Eternal songs