Tuesday, 21 August 2012

From My Heart To My Sister.


The two main qualities
The richest of them all
 Understanding and kindness
Help all  to stand tall.


If you spot that vagrant
 Stooped with life's worry
Lend him that hand
You will not be sorry.

There may be victims
With confidences  low
Praise them to high heaven
Just allow them to grow.


Some may be very rich
While others  be poor
Do we judge by this ??
Can we be so very sure ??

There may a millionaire
With his riches vanished.
Will his friends support ??
Or is his name  tarnished ??


However my dear sister
Your cup overflowed
The glory is all yours
A true heart you showed.

Your ability to empathise
Your compassion neverending
Fresh and  green was the  grass
Wherever you were walking.


 My dear beloved sister
My sweet angel so near.
My heart holds you safe
Oh yes forevermore.

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