Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Granny From Hell !!!!

I shuffle to the garage
And rev up my Honda,
All the other old dears
Look at me in wonda !!!

I lift up my leg
It creaks a little .
And all the old men
Do a wolf whistle.

I am now sat
On my Honda of gold.
Ready to fly by
My demenour so bold.

 Zooming round the corner
I shouted "I'll see ya !!" .
So as I followed I shout
Oh yes 'Biking foreva '.

I zoom up the bypass
An Hells angel am I!!
 "Do ya want a race !!"
"Let's see who can fly!!"

I zoom down past Tesco
Oh how I call out!!
Get outaa ma way!!!!!!!
Oh how I shout !!!

Another very old lady
In the middle of the road!!!!
Being so rude
Looking like a toad !!!!

I managed one  wheelie
An Olympian contender !!!
But land right in a heap
On a place very tender !!!

I have made the news
And went to court !!
Go home granny
Was their angry retort.

I'm now writing a book
My great story I'll tell.
"I will be back
I'm the granny from hell !!!!"