Friday, 31 August 2012

Living Her Dream.


I have a dream and just because I cannot fulfil at the moment this does not mean that I never will!!


One of my motto's is ‘never say never!!!’


Just because we have grown up this doesn't mean we have to abandon our hopes and dreams;on the contrary!!


My dream is to own a small holding and share it with all animals imaginable but most importantly to run a Donkey Sanctuary.


I think this dream began long ago when I was a child and living by the sea I used to watch Donkeys going back and forward all day with children on their backs. One day in particular I remember a very very large girl on a donkey and he plodded along slowly looking so dejected.


Before going on further I have to add here that I do not think that all sea-side donkeys are ill treated and over worked . This day is just one incident that sticks in my mind and like all animals owners there are some bad ones out there.


This  story will be the first in a long running fictional series of following Maggi's dream as it unfolds and develops.


One of the great wonders of being a writer is that with a little imagination we can be wherever we wish to be and whoever we want to be.


Blossom Cottage.



Today Maggi has lived in her cottage ‘Blossoms’ for around a month and has had a lot of work to do.


She recently moved to Wales from Scotland after the death of her husband Oliver who had suffered a fatal heart attack .


It had been his dream for them both to live in Wales, to create their own small holding enabling them to live self sufficiently.


Soon after Oliver's death Maggi received a letter from Jones and Williams Solicitors giving her the news that she had been left a country cottage in the will of her Aunty Pru.


The beautiful cottage 'Blossoms' was left to her by an Aunt she had never met.


'Blossoms' nestled into the Welsh countryside,with roses round the door.

Maggi's six children and their families thought that their mother at the age of 54 years old had lost the plot by moving so far away and taking on such a project.Quite a bit of work was needed on the cottage, however their mother was one determined lady and she stuck to her plans.
She was a writer so there was no job commitment to keep her in Scotland and by moving closer to living hers and Oliver's dream she instinctively knew that that this could only be good for her as a writer also; the writing material would be flowing.
She also knew that Oliver was by her side daily and she heard his voice plainly reassuring her that she was on the right path and that's all Maggi needed.
She was for the time being living in two rooms;the kitchen cum living room ;and a bedroom until the rest of the cottage was habitable.
The plumber who she employed to sort out the plumbing had nearly finished and the builder was putting the finishing touches to the newly built bathroom and toilet.
Aunt Pru had none of the modern conveniences but Maggi didn't fancy running down to the outside make shift toilet at the bottom of the garden forevermore.
She could now see the dream unfolding before her eyes even though these were early days yet and there was so much more work to be carried out.
Maggi loved writing poetry and had aways done so ;since living out here inspiration was flowing and she now sighed contentedly as she poured herself a cup of tea;today she could actually envisage the end product;the indoor bathroom was near to completion and the work that a local farmer's son was doing on the barn was unfolding right before her eyes.
It was now 10.00pm and the night was drawing early as she closed the curtains and took her cuppa,some biscuits and settled by the computer ;in two seconds flat her beagle pup Laddie was scrambling to get up onto her lap.
He soon snuggled in and fell fast asleep while Maggi 's fingers flew over the keyboard ; the words began to flow ; Maggi was in her writers mode within seconds and this was when she felt closest to Oliver.

Maggi's poetry simply flowed like nectar from a flower.
Enjoy ..........................
A blast of sunshine
Lifts me up up and away
Mellow thoughts soften
The back garden which had only taken a little weeding and was Maggi's pride and joy.
The garden so obviouly had been Aunty Pru's pride and joy.
Beautiful garden
Mother Nature’s creations.
Absorb the beauty.
So homely
So quaint.
Homely as sunshine
My haven fills my heart so
My spirit flies high.
Much work to be done.
A warm welcome
The child in me
I love gardening
Bare ground
New life peeping through.
My dream
Entices me
Lifts me to the heavens
A passion which rises each day.
 Rejoice from the heavens and tell all.
How a dream finally flowered
A new feeling so quaint
Today I live
My dream.
Around the door
Happiness so complete
A future filled with sunshine hue
A reflection magnifies all I love
I store and my heart now so full
Reach up and touch your dream
A dream like silk
New life
Arrived today
Quivering and hungry
Denied his own mother’s true love
True instincts bless him with coping method.
He did follow that leading light
And found his own
New life.
Nearby ‘Bluebell woods’ as a new dawn arrives.
Today I believe
That such beauty does surround
Hang on to your dream.



Oh yes
So glad am I
That I fought my battles
Today all I see is beauty
I know from now on my skies will be blue
Through rocks and thorns I sometimes fell
My spirit carried on
I know I've won
Oh yes.

 Maggi wrote and wrote and was astounded to look at the clock and see that it was 1.30 am.
"Oh well time for bed !" she turns to her Beagle pup as she switched the computer off and feeling tired but oh so contented . She was soon in bed with Laddie snuggled up by her .
Her last words before drifitng off to sleep were :- "
"I will love you forevermore Oliver;in my heart you will stay."
"We will still follow our hearts only this time you are closer than ever."
"Sweet dreams forever sweetheart !"

















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