Friday, 31 August 2012

Thank you for being my friend.

My mind goes back every now and again to a rather scornful voice saying
"Oh no you could never make friends over the internet !!!"
I am sure there have been times when all of us have had to take a deep breath and have no option but to admit just how wrong we were.
I certainly was !!!
I am not gong to name anyone because there are so many of you and I wouldn't want to leave anyone out ;therefore here is that thank you;
For your caring comments
For taking the time to stop by and read my posts.
For allowing me to learn from your article,poems etc.
For making me laugh through the humour in your posts
For making me feel that I belong
This is what I treasure in life;materialistic riches have no room in my heart
You have shared my happiness with me
You have shared my unhappiness with me
You have boosted my self confidence and my faith in mankind.
For as long as I am on this earth my aim in life will be to share my story so that I can show not just tell ;no I can show no matter how bad are the cards we are dealt in this life it is possible to overcome and stand up proudly saying "I made it I found my way and I am a winner!!!""Not a victim but a winner!!".This is an awesome feeling and thank you to you all ;below I have composed a Rictameter poem for you all.


Today I take a look back every so often at that little girl who knew nothing of kindness as she was abused in every way imaginable at home  plus the family being 'pillars of the community and important chapel people!!! Oh yes there were many of them!!!  
However  she did learn animal behaviour and maternal instincts as she read  through her special book , also when  she escaped to the commins (woods) with her Beagle Lassie daily.She would sit very quiet with Lassie at her side watching the mother birds feeding her chicks .
Her special book by the way was  The Encyclopedia Of Animals ; oh how she cherished it.
Life also deals tragedies as well as happy times. I often say that if we didn't have bad times we wouldn't truly appreciate the good times.
When I say bad times here I am not referring to grieving or being abused  as a child;I am talking about the minor discomforts in life.

Here is a poem for you all ;my friends.



Thank you
My Triond friends
My wealth does surround me
Sincerity lights up each being
Horizons welcome hearts full of true love
You have all given so freely
Support in abundance
Oh yes my friends
Thank you.

Take care and God Bless.