Tuesday, 4 September 2012


I sit in my seat lost in my thought

These thoughts that make me smile.

I will sit here and let my mind wander,

Would you like to sit by me for a while?



Wouldn't it be a strange world without children?

Some thoughts make me smile and others to frown...

The noise is sometimes worse than a stormy night

Every loving parent deserves to wear a crown!!



The hectic day begins early about 6 am

Like the sudden roar of a stormy tide.

The bathroom resembles a boxing gym.

Oh please I need somewhere to hide!!!


The soaps resemble missiles from the war.

Oh please I need somewhere safe to hide!!

The dog jumps around like a clown in a circus

And the parrot sings "With me abide!!"




Breakfast time is even worse than this

And my patience is now so frail.

I shout out louder than even Pavarotti

But out my false teeth shoot as I wail!!


 Everybody sings out loud and hearty

“Mother looks silly without her teeth!!”

My forehead creases, my hair turns grey

Find me a shelter I can hide underneath.