Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My beautiful baby still shines so bright

My beautiful, caring ,loving daughter  and your compassion knew no bounds; you are the brightest star that shines in the sky.

This morning I sat out on my patio in the bliss of our summer sunshine.
Something drew my attention to a pot where some beautiful Lobelia were growing .
However in their midst there was a small white flower peeping through.
What on earth could it be ??


My Beautiful Baby.


Mini Rock Rose.


A Rock Rose.



I knew we had not planted it !!What made it even more joyous was the fact it was almost a replica of the Rock Rose (a mini rock rose??)  which I have dedicated in my daughter Erin’s memory.
I have published many poems also in her memory.
I feel so close to her as I sit beside our mini garden in memory of Erin and also my sister Val.
Oh how I love them both; hence this poem in Rictameter style.

I stopped
I sat looking
At a mini Rock Rose
It’s growth and rare beauty not known
It’s tenderness protected by sunshine
From a sweet whisper “I am here.”
Heart shaped cloud in the sky
For a moment longer
I stopped.
A heart shaped cloud.

Very delicate but a strength so tender and beautiful.

 Sweet dreams my beautiful baby; you will be safe in my heart forevermore.

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