Thursday, 18 October 2012

Acrostic:Not Enough Hours In The Day.

Not enough hours in the day
Oh how I need to catch up
To try my utmost best
Every day I promise to
Never meaning to fail
Oh yes tomorrow I will
Until tomorrow comes
Great the next day I will achieve
Here I am foiled again
However today I make my start
Over and over I say these words
Until bedtime comes once more
Really I do so mean to keep my word
Surely I will one day keep my word!!!
I mean to succeed and post a poem
Never meaning to fail again
The  hours fly by like demons
Hardly giving me time
Extra hours that's all I need!!!
Dear friends today I achieve
And post another poem
Yes oh yes I really have!!!!

I now look forward to catching up with all your posts also.
Have a wonderful day to each and all.