Thursday, 12 September 2013

True Love Is My Guiding Light.

What is true love????
To me true love is when your heart tells you that you are in love.
Myself an dpartner Dai share passions ; joys and also at times sadness !!
Before meeting Dai I thought that 'true love' was for the movies or for those romantic novels.
How I will always respect our love and I shall always be truly thankful for the gift of meeting my one and only true love.
We gel ,we fit as one and we were always meant to be together.
Even after eight years my heart still misses a beat when I hear Dai come in from work ; I believe that this will always be so !!
Then there is the true love I have for my family as a mother and grandmother !!
Last but not least also the deeply golden and powerful true love that I have for my two angels ;my daughter Erin and my sister Val.
Today is the fourth anniversary to Erin's passing hence the poem' A Garden of Rememberance.'
However mingled with the sadness is an appreciation of all the love and beauty that is thriving and glowing in my heart today and forevermore.

True Love.

My Beautiful Rock Rose.
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My Beautiful Rock Rose.
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True love
Each tender heart
Singing that sweet love song
Melodies playing with the breeze
Dancing to staccattos of happiness
Feet tapping;hands clapping wayup high
A Sonnet of deep love
Oh so tender
True love.

True love

Flying On A Wing.

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Flying on a wing
Flowing to tunes so fresh
So blessed is our love


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Tenderness so precious
Reaching for the stars
Under that magical moon of love
Everyday learning a love song a-new.
Lying in the rose scented mist
Over a time to mature
Varified titles;flowing tones
Each arrow from cupid finding their way
Etched in my heart with a golden glow.

So Near And So True.

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Sometimes what we crave is right under our noses when we have been searching lands far away!!!

I searched the sky
And each bright star;
Looked high and low
My journey so far.
I followed the path
Lit up by the moon;
I prayed that true love
I would find so soon.
I searched each crowd
Exploring each forest;
I knew my strength
Was being put to the test.
I scoured the meadows
Some far far away;
Oh how I did so fear
You were not on your way.
The sunrise then shone
On a bright new day;
I found my true love
In my heart to stay.
We had been neighbours
And school friends too;
From this day on
I will treasure you.

A Garden of Remembrance.

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In a Garden of Remembrance
an angel shines today;
with golden locks and baby blue eyes
Eternally come what may.....................

In that Garden of Remembrance
an aroma of life;
dewdrops are tears of love
sunshine a beauty
no trouble or strife...................

Around our Garden of Remembrance
you bring babes at night;
in your arms they blossom
that golden aura
each spirit shines bright.......................

By the Garden of Remembrance
a love shines for you;
your aroma so sweet
your halo bright too....................

Inside the Garden of Remembrance
sweet birds find shade;
each beauty inhaled
never ever to fade.......................

By the Garden of Remembrance
I talk to you each day;
We share wondrous memories
Oh yes come what may...........

On the Garden of Remembrance
There shine a golden light;
This your gift from heaven
Your spirit shines bright...................

Your beautiful Garden of Remembrance
Is where your spirit doth rest;
God has many special angels
My baby you're one of the best.................

Your Garden of Gemembrance
Shines so full of love;
Each blossom each leaf
playing with the breeze up above..........

Yes in this Garden of Remembrance
your spirit sure glows;
From rivers to streams
your magical aura glows..................

From your Garden of Remembrance
A spirit so bright;
Your memory I honour
A beautiful sight...................................

Here I sit in a sweet serenity
My heart so full so sure;
In your Garden of Remembrance
True love innocent and eternally pure..............................

Love Entwined.

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Love entwines and thrives
Forever to brightly glow
How our love grows.
I gave you my heart
Never again will we part;
For eternity.
We walk hand in hand
Our dreams oh so entwined
Hearts full of true love.
As each day goes by
A love to thrive and blossom
Oh how I love you.
In the sweet sunrise
In each season of the year
A love with passion.
A heart overwhelmed
A love to last forever
Eternally yours.
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