Wednesday, 11 July 2012

That brand new start.

This morning it was early to rise ; I work as a carer taking a young special needs boy to and fro school.This morning he was going on his school trip to Chester Zoo which is up in North Wales.
We had to get him to school which is over 30 miles away by 7.00am; therefore I was up at 4.45 am and after all the usual get ready routine I had 30 minutes to spare;hence this poem.

I hope you enjoy.


On the birth of the morn
Still darkness on the skies
Tentatively touching
With a delicate surprise.


The receding  of dawn
With an innocent peep
Swirls as it whispers
With secrets to keep.


Each leaf waves to shadows
Turning on its head
Each flower's head bowed
Still snuggled in their bed.


A bird does look  out
From it's warm cosy sleep
Ruffles his feathers
Nothing more than that peep.


One alley tom cat
Demanding a mention
Howls in determination
His obvious intention.


But I hear music
Which sings in my heart
The sunshine my soul
Beckons a brand new start.

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