Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dreams do come true !!!

Yesterday I created a new facebook page called 'Everyone Has A Dream'.
It is a community page and I hope in time to build a following and to encourage many to share those dreams ;some may be living their them or some may still be following those oh so precious dreams.
 I encourage all to share, to help themselves and also to inspire others through stories,images,poetry etc of their own experiences.
I am today living my dream and that is ' to live my life as ME' . I kept a firm grip on my dream and I can assure all that the wait was so well worth it.
This in turn has helped me grow as a person and a writer hence today I am a published author :-another dream fullfiulled.
My very first ebook 'Sunshine Ray and I' ;
 I am currently working on the second book in this series

A children's story book about the adventures of two mischievous kittens.
'Bobby and Billy'.
I am also working on the second book in this series.

I also have a book of poems called 'My Beautiful Rock Rose 'which is currently in the publishing process.This is a book of poems in memory of my beautiful daughter Erin.

I love the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
'Believe that you can and you are halfway there.'

Each morning I get up ;put the kettle on and with that very first cuppa of the day I compose a poem.
Here is today's creation.

Dream do come true.


Life always so melodious
so fragile
yet possesses that hidden strength.
Dawn's chorus
sung by
Mother Nature's choir
sweetened by the angel's dewdrops.
magically sprinkled with gems so enriching.
Early morning
gleaming like fingers
so wondrous
and deliciously
so slowly but surely.
Bird songs
dance to a tune
from Mother nature's melodious spirit
playing an dancing
with angelic songs
on a breeze so tender
so innocent
so fresh.
Gather those ever precious thoughts
allow them to be enhanced
by that are beauty
which proudly swells
 to the heavens.
\the songs of an angel
floes on the breezes of past
Open your heart
and allow life to caress
your soul.
Each magical instinct
will lead
embrace you on your journey.
Allow,blossom and believe.