Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Musings Surrounded By The Good Things In Life


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I get up at 6am every morning and put the kettle on before reaching for my notepad and pen.
This is one habit I have never grown out of;to scribble on paper first and then onto my dear over worked friend;my computer!!
I usually have a seed planted in my mind as I am filling the teapot and away I go until Dai gets up 30 minutes later.
However this morning I wanted to wrote on the beauty of Mother Nature,laughter,sunshine,happiness and all else that is so beautiful in this world;but the words just wouldn't flow!!
I then set the cogs turning and allowed my mind to flow and I realised that I still have thoughts and musings to share from my own life story.

I am still writing about Mother Nature's beauty , laughter, happiness etc but with a deeper meaning attached.
I have become so tuned in to my inner being by now and here come the words.

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If someone asked me today "Are you happy??" My truly honest answer would be "Oh Yes!!!"
This past week I have searched my heart and soul back to the times of yesteryear (links to which are at the end of this hub) and many of you may ask yourselves;
"How can anyone be happy after all that ?? "
"She's just putting on a brave face!!"
However I can honestly say hand on heart that this could not be further from the truth!!
Allow me to try and explain as best as I can!!
Once more I return to the important words I have recently added to my mental dictionary:
Expect; Accept and Appreciation!!!
After the cruel and abusive childhood;my beautiful sister's passing and then the passing of my sweet angel and daughter Erin I expect days of pain;days of sadness and I expect that psychological pendulum to swing to and fro from time to time.
Also as much as I would so dearly love to erase it and to be able to remember a wonderfully happy childhood,to have my Val by my side and also my Erin back annoying me as she so often did I know that this will never happen and this I have to accept!!
To my final and most important word Appreciation!!
Here I look back to yesteryear and how I didn't shed a tear for over twenty years!!I I remember my loveless marriage where I learnt to live within my own boundaries so that I wouldn't upset my ex and that my children wouldn't grow up witnessing such abuse.
However today I can honestly say that I look back with an inner pride;a pride that I walked away from it all and emerged a winner. A winner in my own heart and soul and not a winner as anyone else would expect me to be!!!
I have a deep pride in my children who have grown up to be amazing people and wonderful parents.
One rule I have always had in my life is that even though I will obviously look back from time to time I have never retraced my steps.
I may have stayed in the same place for a while which in my book is acceptable but I have never actually gone back to a situation that had never been right from the first.
There may be some unhappy consequences to some of my decisions but today I accept these and realise that I am not in control of the whole world.
One trait that every abused child possesses is a survival instinct and today I truly recognise mine ; from way back to this present day.
Another so many of us have is the ability to cope and I no longer question my life;today I accept my life past and present

Haiku : Appreciation.

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Yes of my beautiful world
From my grateful heart.

Rictameter : Beauty.

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Fills each new day
Appreciation flows
Nature's magical wonders weave
I bask so deep in each wondrous glory
My spirit filled with deep wonder
Each day happy and free
I share with you

Freeverse : Each New Born Spring.

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The spring spurts
from earth's bosom,
a new life
a new day
that precious new birth
flowing in effortless wonder
a shimmering stream
to and fro.
Filling each
sweet heart
as the river swells
on her journey to the sea.
She instinctively separates
into each estuary of life.
Which one
being our own personal choice.
Choose wisely
choose truly
as you flow into your sea,
which will
ebb and flow
into your tomorrows.

Rhyme : My Family.Riley's 4th birthday party.

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Source: Eddy
My grandson Riley's 4th birthday party.
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Source: Eddy
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So much energy
So much love
I adore my family
To the skies above.
They argue so loudly
Making my head sore
But their cheeky smiles
Make me love them more.
My life so full
My days so happy.
I proudly share my life
Oh yes so proudly.

Monorhyme:You Have Found Your Way.

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From your heart you'll pray
Each beautiful day
Children sweetly play
Happy days to stay
Oh yes come what may
Sweet blossomed paths lay
You have found your way.

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