Thursday, 12 September 2013

Over confident or just disillusioned ???


Before joining the wonderful world of online writing I enrolled in a writing course.I was so excited as I received the large package.
I opened it and vowed that this was it!!!
No turning back!!!
There were true winners from this course but I would be the greatest!!!
I submitted my first assignment and the following comments were great;with great gusto I submitted my second assignment but let's say there were a few constructive criticisms in the returning comments this time.
How dare they??
No-one was going to tell me what and how to write!!!
I could write !!End of!!!
I didn't need to use the spellcheck on my computer as my spelling was awesome.
So again how dare they point out all the errors!!The computer was new to me and I knew nothing of 'typos.'
With great emphasis I put the offending and insulting course away ;far enough away so that I didn't have to keep seeing it every day!!!(but I didn't throw it in the rubbish bin!!!)
However there is no time limit on this writing course and I am now much more realistic in my reasoning;and I am going to begin again!!
This time taking constructive criticism and also using that spellcheck!!
I will not lose my writer's voice but we are never too clever or too old to learn !!!
I hope you all enjoy the following poem.
Maybe an ebook will be born from my endeavours!!
We shall see!!!
Source: gimages
Source: gimages

I said I didn't need a writing course

I thought I knew it all.

I should have remembered that well known phrase

Pride comes before a fall!!!


No one could tell me what to do

I was up there with the best.

Burns,Shakespeare and Wordsworth

Some truth comes from jest.


What was the spellcheck on this machine

Not needed by her at all.

Yet again I have to remember

Pride comes before a fall.


I submitted that first assignment

They would be so amazed.

But when I read the comment

The words I swiftly erased!!!


The manuscript full of typos

More than they'd ever seen.

How dare they tell me this

In writing I was the Queen!!


But slowly and surely I mellowed

And realised I have much to learn

And learnt to take constructive criticism

No matter just how stern!!!


So today I have simply mellowed

And vow to begin again.

I am now in the land of the realistic

And have learnt to count to ten!!!!

Source: gimages